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What's Right for Your Boat?

Would you purchase a new car without seeing, testing or driving it first? Of course not! Why gamble with your marine electronics purchase.

Our qualified marine electronics consultants will work with you one-on-one, to provide you with as much guidance and advice to help you select the best marine electronics system for your boat.

Once we can define the use of your boat, we can begin to narrow down the endless possibilities offered and enable our qualified marine electronics consultants to guide you in an educated marine electronics purchase.

Complete the form below to help us better understand your needs. We encourage you to come by and visit the Gulf Coast's most HIGH TECH facility full of "live", working displays. Come see the latest in GPS, electronic charting, RADAR, Fishfinders, computer navigation, Satellite DSS Systems and Satellite phones, plus much more.

Please include accurate information in the comments/questions. Tips for what to include are below...

  • Vessel Manufacturer
  • Model & Year
  • Length
  • Engine Type (ie. Single, Twins, Triples)
  • Engine Manufacturer
  • Steering (ie. Hydraulic, Mechanical/Cable, Power Assist)
  • Voltage (ie. 12, 24, 32)
  • No. of Steering Stations (ie. 1, 2, 3)
  • Boating Application (ie. Pleasure, Fishing, Commercial, Other)
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